The Professionals’ Choice for Real Estate Jobs


WSJ reports the navigation app technology, which enables us to find the most efficient route, promises to transform how we look for job candidates, and motivate and retain the best employees. Resume Matcher software reads Wikipedia to understand job descriptions, and also reads resumes their customers select to shortlist, interview or hire, then uses the information to rank candidates. Entello combs the web for public information (including what HR can no longer ask) on 300 million individuals to make a hiring selection. Veriato logs virtually everything an employee does on their computer and then alerts employers when hours are spent on Amazon, or a database is copied, a sign an employee plans to leave. Employers used to comb Facebook for inappropriate pictures, so applicants moved to Snapchat to send even crazier ones that are automatically deleted. I am certain the next start-ups will disrupt employer software and plant “public” information, create resumes for robots, and send employees text alerts prior to the employer’s. Employees are a bigger market.

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