The Professionals’ Choice for Real Estate Jobs


February 2016 saw more jobs posted on the SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network than in January, which mirrors the February Labor Department Jobs Report, which last Friday caused President Obama to celebrate at the White House. However February, 2016 did not reach the high of February, 2015, admittedly one of our all-time highs for real estate jobs posted on the SelectLeaders Network. Again we mirrored the Labor Department’s year-over-year reports: 242,000 jobs in February 2016 versus 295,000 in February 2015. “The New York Times” began their coverage of the Jobs Report, “With anxiety about the economy bubbling up on Wall Street and in campaign rallies across America …” This commentary pretty well sums up the background of the real estate hiring picture in 2016. A note of caution remains in the air. Even though we are approaching the end of the first quarter and hiring continues strong, there also continues to be deliberation and caution as we consult with employers about the year ahead.

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