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In the days of our forefathers, excellent writing skills and strikingly beautiful penmanship were common, and second nature.  Why is it that great leaders consider communication a core competence, yet today poor grammar and jargon-riddled writing is rampant,  and alas, in today’s world of text messaging and tweeting, writing skills are sinking to new depths? I find it appalling that freshly minted graduates from some of the finest universities in the US cannot put a proper sentence together, no less write a cohesive and grammatically correct report. Worse yet, their penmanship is illegible.

Our educational system has failed us, and businesses are to blame as well by accepting the mediocre writing skills that our educational system is producing.  In my opinion, every business should elevate the evaluation of the writing skills of candidates who are in hiring processes, and for current staff, establish remedial writing classes and seminars to elevate their literary game. R U following me?

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