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Are You Confident

According to The Conference Board’s November U.S. Consumer Confidence report, the index dropped 2/10 of a percent from October’s highest level since 2000. “Overall, consumers are still quite confident that economic growth will continue at a solid pace into early 2019.” The highwater mark in Tuesday’s report was JOBS, “Americans expressed buoyant optimism about the job market and its plethora of employment openings.” Will this result in a shift from the pickiest seller’s market ever? In 2019, these buoyantly optimistic candidates will come out of the gates ready to explore the opportunities to position themselves, among other things, as the “Survivors of AI,” the ones who will manage Artificial Intelligence. They will want more than increased compensation, searching for the opportunities to develop their skillsets, including new technologies, and to grow in leadership and career development. Employers, please make certain your job’s potential for growth is front and center. As the saying goes, “Confidence breeds success.”

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