The Professionals’ Choice for Real Estate Jobs

Augmented Reality

Many real estate jobs such as Architecture/Design, Space Planning for Brokerage, Sales/Leasing, Planning/Entitlement and Zoning already are being transformed by Augmented Reality which can configure a nearly infinite number of space and design possibilities in mere minutes. Emerging hologram technology, soon sans headsets or smartphones, may provide an even more realistic experience. Planning, Entitlement and Zoning professionals now zone in on a property and view a century of zoning rules, near instantaneously displayed to make sense of them, while programs such as Gridics, build intelligent zoning solutions. Augmented Reality Assessment is available to help Human Resources professionals assess how people respond to different job challenges as well as to train current employees. AR needs to be customized for specific jobs and companies and at this point works best for high risk jobs where personality and the ability to work under extreme pressure can be vetted. But as Albert Einstein would tell us, “Reality is merely an illusion.”

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