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In his interview with Martin Scorsese in the just released documentary on “The Rolling Thunder Revue,” the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan, just uttered the best career advice ever. “It is not about finding yourself or finding anything!  It is about “Creating Yourself.” Former New York City detective, Greg O’Connell is the living example. Greg bought his first building in Red Hook back in 1967 for $22,000, when the Brooklyn neighborhood was practically a ghost town. Now, his properties are worth at least $400 million. According to a report by Bloomberg, his portfolio totals about 1.3 million square feet of buildings and 385,000 square feet of undeveloped land in Brooklyn, mainly in Red Hook, an “Opportunity Zone”. Greg allows neighborhood nonprofits to occupy the space rent-free or below-market but is concerned rising costs from gentrification may necessitate increased rents. “The nonprofits do so much good for the neighborhood.” “Create Yourself” just don’t change what you value in the process.

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