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Best Time to Be Hired!

How can we say the best time to be hired is September-to-Thanksgiving when SelectLeaders Job Barometer highlights “The January Effect”? Many companies pay annual bonuses in December, so many candidates wait until January to change jobs, which means HR needs to fill more empty positions in January than any other time of the year. While Q1 earns the title for the most hires, September-to-Thanksgiving is when HR concentrates on their strategic hires. Not overwhelmed trying to fill multiple open positions immediately, hiring managers will pay much more attention to your resume, and to you. And soon we will have sufficient data to report what we suspect, whether compensation is higher during this period. While candidates often take the summer off from their job search, come September they stop being passive realizing after Thanksgiving hiring often gets pushed off until the New Year. It’s definitely the best time to hire and be hired, just look at the opportunities September has to offer below!

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