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Budgeting for Success

Amidst one of the busiest months for real estate hiring, employers are about to begin Budget Season. How will the negativity and uncertainty of an election year affect hiring budgets? In 2016, the last election year, we saw more movement than ever in the first quarter as candidates secured a safe spot before the political war began. A definite slowdown began as we approached the election, but once the dust settled in the days after the election it was as if the hiring floodgates had burst open. Much has been written about the talent shortage and the record number of people hired over the past years. 2020 should be the year many are ready to make a move. Employers, who have been facing the talent shortage will put making longer-term hires above all else, which is great for SelectLeaders because we’re known for higher quality candidates that result in longer-term hires. Amidst all the ups and downs, talent is ready to move before all the election talk of a recession become a reality. 2020 – budget for success.

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