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Cabin Fever

Imagine the “The City that Never Sleeps” sheltering in place. This past weekend, except for grocery and drug stores, New York city like cities around the country appeared eerily evacuated. By Monday everything was closing and even less people were on the streets. By Tuesday people unused to working from home and kids out of school had reached their limit and enjoyed a walk in the fresh air (without traffic), just as the Mayor announced a shelter in place order may be imminent. How do you not succumb to Cabin Fever? We’ve all faced a crunch and worked from morning to night for days on end. What’s the difference? You’re missing a feeling of accomplishment. The fact is this is the chance of a lifetime to accomplish what you never have time to do. Create that comprehensive call list of who you are going to contact. Clean up your emails and files. Plan your next career move and update your resumes. Imagine what you can accomplish!

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