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Cat Food or Technology

A few months ago my son left Minneapolis for a great career opportunity in Austin, which was okay, but he had a German Shepard and a cat. Well, to simplify his life in the relocation, and to focus on his new opportunity, he foisted the cat on us. We live on the island of Manhattan, so we quickly turned to who delivers “everything” for your cuddly-cat. After forking-out a lot of money for ultra-gourmet cat food, premium kitty-litter, a jungle-gym, catnip bananas, fake mice, and whatever, I was ready to double-down on the Chewy IPO. I wish I did. Its shares soared 59% during the first day of trading during the debut in the public markets. Not surprising. American’s spent over $70 billion last year on their best friends. Goes to show you, who needs technology.

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