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CRE Comp Rises

SelectLeaders Network 2017 Hiring Trends Survey Report shows our industry running lean coming into 2017. Last year, 50% reported their company’s hiring remained the same, or decreased (22%), while the war for talent pushed compensation higher. How high will real estate comp go? 60% of respondents reported their salaries/commissions increased in 2016. The percent of the increase is worth noting. Compensation increased over 20% for 14% of our survey. Another 15% reported their increase was over 10%. For 2017, 70% predict their total compensation will rise even higher. If January is any indication, real estate employers are not about to wait and see how this year goes, as they did in 2016. They are heading for the front lines in the 2017 war for talent realizing this year one could lose the war or pay dearly for sitting on the sidelines.

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