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Dare to Share

One of our Association Partners sounded distraught, saying I am sorry, I have to call you back. Calling back he said, “I could not hear with the noise. I will never get used to shared office space.” Almost every day, I find myself staring at the men’s and women’s restroom’s seated next to two or three CEO’s all engaged in ‘confidential’ conversations in what is designated as the private conversation phone call area in our shared office space. We are all in non-competing businesses, so our secrets are safe with each other, but there we are in front of the rest rooms. Yet, I hear sales calls and know when clients are having trouble with the site and immediately have the tech team improve their user experience. But never being alone takes its toll. We all face the wall, rather than the windows, to feel we are in our own little space. It gives new meaning to the adage never look back (if you want to finish first).

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