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Data-driven-deals abound. To fund new technology advancements and new shopping “Experiences,” Retail is decreasing its square footage selling off its top floors, or with leasebacks, selling entire buildings to office developers. On the flip side, office sector spaces, especially shared office spaces, are increasing their square footage to include growing communal spaces. The average “seat” increased from 142 square feet in 2016 to 165 today. Seats include workstations, conference rooms, kitchens and living room-style seating areas. Speaking of the flip side, Zillow moved into the house flipping business. Understandably, because our Residential sector faces housing shortages in 22 states and the District of Columbia. Failing to keep up with economic growth in the 15 years since 2000, resulted in a total shortage of 7.3 million housing units. Yet in New York City, Multifamily faces the highest vacancy rates since 1965 in a growing economy, driving rents down. Data may not lie but to increase productivity and profitability the answer may depend on the sector.

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