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Different Decade

Since the launch of our new website, even our clients have been caught in the excitement about the year ahead, calling us to suggest innovative new ideas. Apparently however, we are not alone in our confidence in the future. A new Korn/Ferry study on U.S. Employee Engagement, compared to a decade ago, found more employees confident that their companies will be successful over the next two to three years. SelectLeaders Network’s 2009 Hiring Trends Survey reported 85% of employees were asked to take on additional responsibilities for the same pay, and many wrote they had taken on the responsibilities that three people had in early 2008. Soon hiring soared again. But Korn Ferry reports, in 2018, things have gotten worse, “not enough people in our work group” and “pay is not competitive.” Today’s companies do anything to avoid higher fixed costs, preferring bonuses over salary increases, and run much leaner.

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