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Does Weird Work

Gen Z is starting to upload their resumes to “The Professional’s Choice for Real Estate Jobs,” so what do we think about their “personalized resumes” with color photos, icons, logos from where they interned or worked, even a Bitmoji? The Wall Street Journal reports, “Gen Z résumés are starting to look like Instagram—and sometimes even Tinder.” Let’s face it, our industry has some colorful characters at the helm, so there is room for those who want to stand out. Anyway, many companies run résumés through tools called applicant tracking systems that remove photos and other design embellishments. For us it comes down to one issue, your resume must clearly communicate your professional experience and/or professional foundation from education, software skillsets, and solid work or intern experience. You’re only young once, enjoy, but make sure you got the goods front and center in your resume. Our first candidate, fresh out of college in 2006, is now 35 and amazingly successful, so welcome to SelectLeaders, Gen Z now find a  career path that leads you to build a better world.

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