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Doomers and Gloomers

SelectLeaders Job Network Founder, Tony LoPinto, warned us yesterday in his Executive Watch column on, if Britain pulls out of the European Union it could spark a downturn. Is hiring holding up? Tony says, “Based on the (C-Suite) level of recruiting activity we are observing, I am not concerned that we are in for a major downturn.” Below the C-Suite, April held the record for the highest number of jobs posted this year on the SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network. Our concern is that the doom and gloom that started with the political candidates, may make our job candidates reticent to move into the unknown. Employers may have to sweeten the deal. We suggest putting a compensation range in your job descriptions as well as any added incentives. If you’re a job seeker, the opportunities are at a high now, and you want to make certain you are in the best position, just in case those Doomers and Gloomers are ever right.

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