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‘Rookies’ were always told, “First you learn to fall.” Before helicopter parenting caused a generation to rarely, if ever, face losing, with trophies awarded to everyone who shows up. The NYT reports millennials make it to college never having coped with failure, seeing everyone on social media living fun-filled, perfect lives. Universities had to develop programs to rescue students who believe they need to succeed at everything, every time, and the one most stressed out wins. The Harvard “Success-Failure Project”, The Princeton “Perspective Project” or Stanford’s “Resilience Project”, where famous alumni admit to failure, all attempt to normalize struggling and end competitive stressing. Theo Epstein, who led the Chicago Cubs to the century long dream of winning the World Series, only selected the players who could handle adversity, and only then did they reach the pinnacle of success. Universities have quite a challenge teaching failure, the inevitable lesson that leads to ultimate success.

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