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Gotta Work Here

The newest way to attract and retain talent? Design Firm Herman Miller may have the answer, according to the WSJ, with the American Airlines headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Start your day in the lap pool or enjoy the cricket pitch. Then you are off to your outdoor meeting area replete with weather-proof presentation monitors. White noise is piped through the ceiling to prevent distraction in any open office or in 1,000 meeting areas. McDonalds, not to be outdone, provides individual temperature settings for each employee area that can be changed with a click of your phone because when people are uncomfortable, they are less productive. Seattle’s Expedia 40-acre campus offers hike and bike trails along the perimeter, and the ability to work outside with 20 Wi-Fi access points. The corridor has floor to ceiling sliding windows that open to nature, versus ours that open to congested NYC traffic. What could be wrong? Companies can more densely seat employees and (I hate to say it out loud) save on real estate costs.

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