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Hiring Speeds Up

The DHI Group Inc. time-to-hire index rose to a record 29 working days in July. It’s a long time for companies feeling the pressure of a “Seller’s Market.” Time loses deals, so some are speeding up the hiring process by taking tips from online dating. All the preliminary questions are hashed out before people actually meet, such as compensation as well as personal deal breakers, like future relocation. The WSJ reports, “Companies Fast Track Hiring” with interviews which took days while an applicant moved up the food chain, now are scheduled back to back in a one-day session, along with any assessment or other testing. Where we draw the line is the idea of not checking references espousing the belief that people will only provide good references. For a good recruiter, it is not what a reference says, but the flavor of what they say that is the decider for one of the most critical considerations, the right company fit.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
October 14, 2015

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