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In the Dark

We have dark days ahead if the Democrats and the Republicans don’t stop their Social Media Moments long enough to observe the United States of America’s Infrastructure is failing, and act. Is Congress in the dark, not aware that half of New York City had no electricity this past weekend. Why? The infrastructure failed in the city that never sleeps. At the same time, Sunny California cut off power to 27,000 customers to reduce wildfire risk. More than 47,000 America’s bridges are “structurally deficient,” according the American Road and Transportation Builder’ s Association. Infrastructure was the one legislative issue both sides reportedly agreed upon. Apparently, the agreement is to push Infrastructure aside and concentrate on divisive social issues. No deaths, or injuries occurred in this Blackout, but the lights went out on Broadway. Hopefully Congress will follow Broadway’s lead and when the lights flicker, take their seats. Infrastructure jobs are just the jobs that can increase the labor participation rate.

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