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Job Hopping

The Baby-Boomer generation is working longer and skipping over the historical retirement age of 65. The question is, why and how. On the why front, it turns out that it’s not necessarily about the money. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Boston College’s Center for Retirement research found that it has more to do with flexibility and meaningfulness. The study also suggests that a late-career job switch may play a big part in keeping professionals toiling away into their golden years. Apparently if someone job-hops voluntarily in their 50s, it increases the likelihood of them still working at 65 by about 20%. The data suggests that the new job is somehow better, thus encouraging—or at least enabling—people who switch jobs voluntarily to work longer. On the other hand, if workers in their 50s are laid off, by contrast, they have difficulty finding new jobs, and they tend to earn less if they do find a new job at all.

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