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Job Seekers’ Unexpected Top Priority Right Now: Company Culture

Alexandra Marvar,

As of late June, 42% of the U.S. labor force was working from home full time, and a third was unemployed — making it a work-from-home economy. During that time, TopResume monitored job satisfaction factors, asking 118,650 job seekers: “What matters most to you when deciding which job to take next?” They found an unexpected winner: The most prioritized factor reported was company culture

Between January and August, company culture became increasingly sought after. It beat out factors like flexibility and benefits. As the coronavirus pandemic continued, it gradually became a couple of percentage points more important to workers than the previous leading factor: salary.

Gensler Strategy Director and Senior Associate Susan Juvet said a company’s sense of culture in the office didn’t get any less important when teams began working from home. 

“Culture itself is not the mission posted on the wall, it’s not the values or principles hanging in the conference room, and it’s not even the break room birthday party or the monthly pizza party,” Juvet said recently on business podcast More Than A Chair. “It’s this highly complex factor of workplace experience, that all these things come together to inform the culture.”

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