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Jobs Lost

Recently we reflected on the technological advances which allow leasing agents to create space plan proposals in real time only architects and designers could prepare in the past. AI advances in human resources, marketing, retail, nearly all real estate fields were followed by our first CRE blockchain career opportunity posted on the Network. How will all these advances affect your job? Last year, McKinsey among others reported around 800 million jobs worldwide will be lost to technology by 2030. We must face the proverbial question: do we live to work or do we work to live? Why would we fear working less hours, or moving to a temp, gig economic structure? Reportedly with automation everything will cost less. The number of multi-multi-million dollar retired executives who contact Executive Search firms looking for something to keep them “sharp,” “in the loop,” “challenged,” “it’s not about the money” might be the perfect group to study to find the answer. Or could what every manager believes be true: work expands to fill the time available.

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