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Jumping Ship to the “Outside World”

Last week the Wall Street Journal published a sober column focusing on long-tenured company executives who are finding that they have a hard time “jumping-ship” to pursue the lure of something new. Because they have been deeply immersed in their comfortable environment, they lack a sizable network of outside contacts, and their interviewing skills are “rusty”, to say the least.

Despite these challenges, many long-time business leaders, with amazing track records and secure in their tent, are itching to make to make a change. Alas, according to the article, many of these executives lack the confidence as to what they have to offer the “outside world”. From an executive search point of view, it is a conundrum as to how to best position a long-tenured executive.

My best advice is to sharpen your saw, and focus on how to make the case that you can readily navigate the transition to the “outside world”.

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