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Mental Tricks of Success

Besides inspiration, the Olympics provides the rest of us with the sidebar benefit of extensive research dedicated to extending one’s limits and increasing one’s ability to succeed. The university of Kent concluded what stops us (from succeeding) is the effort required to continue is greater that we’re willing to exert. The perception of effort is a sort of Master Controller, “which means, in practical terms, if you change your perception of a task’s difficulty, you can change your actual results.” The NYT reported, cyclists in a heat chamber can maintain a faster pace if the thermometer is rigged to show a falsely low temperature. But, the most powerful and widely applicable technique for changing how your brain interprets incoming signals is to train yourself with motivational self-talk. If you are conscious of it or not, an internal monologue is running through your head during difficult tasks, and it has a measurable impact on how difficult you perceive those tasks to be.

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