The Professionals’ Choice for Real Estate Jobs


The Heartland, or at least Minnesota, is leaving no stone unturned. The job market is at full capacity, meaning one job for every applicant. By mid-2018 there will be more jobs than people looking for them. Minnesota’s well educated and trained workforce has attracted Fortune 100 companies to locate their headquarters in the state or increase their operations. The trickle down if superior talent dries up is companies will locate where they can find a growing workforce, effecting the tax base and programs for those who do not participate in the workforce. Interestingly, labor pressures are driving hiring opportunities for more challenged groups such as blacks, Latinos and American Indians as well as for disabled, older or retired workers. The good news is increasing labor participation rates can be a catalyst to solving social, personal, and a myriad of problems beyond merely economic. There’s nothing like the pride and satisfaction of being a part of a job well done.

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