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Mr. and Mrs. Green Jeans

Once upon a time, families yearned for a house on the golf course with its heavily fertilized and perfectly manicured grass, asphalt paths for golf carts, and the big club house where a tough day out on the links was topped-off with a gin and tonic. That scene is so yesterday. Today’s Millennials are saying adios to the country club and “hello” to the farm. Agrihoods, short for agricultural neighborhoods, are cropping-up like hay fields around the US.

In fact, there are about 150 agrihoods across the country, according to the Urban Land Institute, and some are minutes from bustling cities like Atlanta and Phoenix. In fact, Developers in Palm Springs, CA are transforming an 18-hole golf course into a 70-acre olive-tree grove, that will serve as the epicenter of a new 300-acre agrihood called Miralon, which is scheduled to break ground later this year and eventually include dog parks, exercise stations, fire pits, and over six miles of hiking paths formerly used for gas guzzling golf carts. I like this trend, but the only problem is, how will they divvy-up the olives?

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