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No Distractions

Warren Buffet, warned CNN’s Poppy Harlow, “There are two things money can’t buy – love and time. How do you make time for those you love? This is the advice I received from a New York advertising icon, “The secret to success is to have your plate out when the pie is passed.” If you try to schedule life/work balance, you will miss life’s greatest opportunities. In the moment, we instinctively know what is important. When it isn’t pie they are passing, let the opportunity pass to someone else, then make sure you spend the time with those you love. Harlow learned how from her father who traveled often for work, “When he was home, he was home, no distractions. Nothing else mattered in those moments.” Can you imagine telling a millennial, who watches videos on the side while reading posts, not to multi-task, to have no distractions. But even millennials change when experiencing what money can’t buy. They don’t call him the Oracle of Omaha for nothing.

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