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There are 7,000 genetic diseases for which we know the precise DNA misspelling which causes the disease. The National Institute of Health just announced a breakthrough that successfully changed the spelling and cured the first of these genetic diseases, sickle cell anemia. This same strategy, this same set of principles can someday, not that far away, probably cure all 7,000 genetic diseases. I happened to hear Dr. Francis Collins discuss this breakthrough on “60 Minutes” otherwise there was little mention of it. News on space exploration, medical breakthroughs used to inspire the imagination of people to create exciting new career opportunities. While there are only two things certain in life, death and taxes, amidst all the reporting of politicians’ new schemes to tax the wealthy, one would think defying death from 7,000 terrible genetic diseases would rate some discussion. Could the problem be it takes 60 minutes to discuss news that matters? In a world of political sound bites and ratings, good news is no news.

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