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For the last month, I couldn’t help but overhear our newest Sales Consultant being trained in ‘SelectLeaders Consultative Sales’. Compare this to the WSJ article, “The On-Demand Sales Force” about startup, Universal Avenue’s app that is like Uber, but for a sales team. Your boss is an app that considers a salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses, matches them with goods from any of a dozen brands, and plots a plan optimized to include as many potential customers as possible in the time allotted. Training is done by short courses and quizzes in its app. The Avon Lady and Tupperware Party, where goods were sold by people in their spare time, proved it can work for simple sales. When it comes to the complexity of the Real Estate industry with 76 job functions and increasing demand for software skillsets, Consultative Sales can add a lot of value. Our clients, who believe in quality not quantity hires, tell us industry knowledge means a lot.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
June 3, 2015

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