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One-year College Alternatives

Our Real Estate School List of colleges that offer a degree in real estate will be happy to see your internships on the new website starting to blossom. Interestingly, the WSJ reported on “One-Year College Alternatives for the Digital Age” that do not offer degrees. One data-science program, MissionU, requires between 40-50 hours of study a week, with educational visits to high-tech, San Francisco companies, in exchange for 15% of one’s income for three years after graduation. The school offers a debt-free way to attain skills in hot areas and guarantees apprenticeships with high-tech companies. MissionU received 10,000 applications for 50 spots. Their precursors, Coding Boot Camps, have over 95 schools offering 14-week cirriculums at an average of $11,000 and place graduates in jobs with average starting salaries of nearly $71,000 a year. But while they teach students how to work, do they lean how to think, solve problems or innovate? Maybe this is simply “starter college” in a world that requires life-time learning.

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