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Most of us are enjoying the utilization of facial recognition technology to log on to our smartphone and other applications. It’s fast, efficient, and scary technology. We all worry about big brother keeping tabs on us and potentially using technology that will seriously interfere with an individual’s privacy. We now have the intrusion of increasingly sophisticated facial recognition software that is being introduced to retail stores. Originally the technology was used to spot people who were previously shoplifters or sought refunds for stolen goods. However, while retailers are apprehensive about using facial recognition as a means to track customers, it’s only a matter of time until the technology cascades into every facet of our shopping experience. For example, some retailers now gather data through interactive mirrors and other devices in fitting rooms. Now that’s a scary thought. The fact of the matter is that our privacy is being increasingly compromised, and the development of new and increasingly sophisticated technology is rapidly expanding the scope of privacy issues, like who needs to know how many blouses Rachael just tried on before she bought that pretty blue one.

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