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Pipelines into Real Estate

Every year, in Q1, we see a marked increase in Analyst and Associate job postings. Our Analyst and Associate community often moves after April bonus time, and considers their options in Q1. Analyst and Associate jobs provide one of our significant pipelines into long careers in real estate, so in Q1 we are extra watchful that this community, and those who employer them, are successful. One of our premier employers explained, “We prefer to hire Brokers who start their careers as Analysts.” Property Management is another pipeline into a broad array of career paths including Corporate Real Estate, Facility Management and emerging Security opportunities. While our Property Management community is active all year, interestingly at year-end, in Q4, this pipeline dominates with a preponderance of Property Manager jobs. Every quarter we have a rich mix of real estate opportunities, but if the Infrastructure Bill passes, job postings in construction, development, actually opportunities for all our real estate communities could trump all previous records.

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