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Play the Float

Experts tell us that we should have more content to attract more people to our website. Jobs are our content, and the best jobs in real estate is the content our professionals want. But the discussion did make me look at articles on other sites. I “learned” that January and September, right after the traditional vacation times, had the most jobs which they translated into hiring. But wait I said, from the time a job is posted, recruiters usually wait two weeks to start screening resumes. In the best of worlds, it would take a month to get hired. In today’s world, it can take 3 or more. Which is why I say – play the float. January boasts the most job postings. February used to have the most hires. Today, companies are running so lean they almost don’t have time to hire, delaying the hiring cycle. Plus employees are asked to wear more than one hat, which makes more people involved, and the hiring process longer. Many jobs posted in January will reach the decision point in March. So, is it worth it to apply to a job that is close to its 60-day term limit? Earlier is always best, but better late than never. These days, late applicants can land the ideal job.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
February 26, 2014

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