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Quit and Stay

You know we’re in a ‘Seller’s Market’ when more and more employers are making counter offers to keep employees from quitting. But what happens if you stay and the next day face your co-workers who did not get a raise, new title, or new assignment? The subhead of a recent WSJ article says it all, “Returning to Work with Bosses and Colleagues You Nearly Abandoned Can Be a Minefield.” It can be a knee-jerk reaction for an employer to promise whatever it takes to keep an employee. But will they later turn around and fire you? The experts agree it can take a while to rebuild trust. According to a WorldatWork survey the odds are 31% higher that things will get better. Never forget whether you quit or stay it is a new slate and a new beginning. You need to convince your supervisor, co-workers and management that you are committed to the company’s goals, have their backs, and are positive about being there. But … you have to do that regardless if you take a new job or not.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
March 25, 2015

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