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Real Estate Jobs – How much can you make

Any employer, who does not include a compensation range in their job postings, is reducing their applicant pool more than they could imagine. Coveted “passive candidates” often keep their Job Alerts coming, and an attractive compensation range can interest them to take that second look at your job. When our Technology Consultant posted a job to test the site that had barely a job description, it confirmed the value of putting compensation front and center. Title: The Big Kahoona – Company: Confidential – Job Description: Come On Down – Compensation Range: $250,000+. In less than one day, before we took the job down, it received 10 applications. We understand that employers can be concerned that compensation is dependent on experience. Then make the range larger, but do include one. The candidates you want to hire will apply to a job that lists a lower compensation, and won’t hesitate to discuss their compensation goals in their interview. Let’s face it; we all are looking for employees that value ROI.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
August 12, 2015

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