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SelectLeaders Job Network – Hiring Stopped

2019 and January 2020 is the first time in a decade small companies have not added to their payrolls. (Oh-no the vast majority of CRE companies are 20 employees or less.) In contrast the Wall Street Journal reports Moody’s analysis of ADP payroll data finds, “larger businesses continued to expand their payrolls for a record 10th straight year. Small companies not only lack time to hire fast enough in this tight job market, they often cannot compete with the compensation, perks and benefits large companies can provide. But they can offer autonomy, less rules and more flexibility.” This is where “SelectLeaders Niche Job Board Advantage” comes into play. No irrelevant resumes, real estate resumes only. Large companies tend to hide the salary range for their jobs. We encourage smaller companies to display it, which always increases applications. You must select one Field in real estate in which your hire will work so when candidates search, your job is displayed, without sponsoring it, or agonizing about writing the perfect job posting. But do include you’ll have the freedom to thrive.

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