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SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network – Tough Customer

In January, proceed with caution was the word on the street, and yellow lights were flashing at every corner. “The worse January ever” for the stock market made everyone more cautious, including job seekers. In January, 2016, it took 29 clicks on a job to get one resume. In 2014, it took only 16 clicks to get a resume. Employees, who had stayed put for years, as our industry slowly came back from the Global Financial Crisis, were ready for a move. By 2015 it was turning into a Seller’s Market with increased compensation for new hires. Yet the 2016 job market has a lot more runway compared to 2007, when offers and compensation went through the roof and it took 54 clicks to get one resume. But today’s 29 clicks means employers should look long and hard at their Job Postings and try to differentiate their company in the first sentences. What is it like to be a [insert job title] at [insert company name]? What is the company culture?

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
February 3, 2016

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