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Work-Life balance takes on another dimension when you try to isolate work and life on your electronic devices. A new lawsuit against a New York investment firm that purchased an additional computer for an employee, so he could work at home when not in the office, contends the company paid for the computer so it is not “personal” and thus all content can be viewed by the employer. Most company’s handbooks, including ours, reserve the right to read, access or monitor all electronic documents and messages. According to the WSJ, “Employees often don’t realize the extent of the digital trail that is left behind on work computers when they read their personal emails at work. Employers can legally access data like personal text messages if employees plug their personal phone into work computers and back them up through iTunes.” Unless there is serious cause for suspicion, it is highly doubtful your employer is snooping, but as privacy becomes rarer why not keep private, whatever we can.

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