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Stress That Kills

Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor, Jeffrey Pfeffer, in an interview in the Economist pointed out 55% of employees log into their emails after 11pm (in contrast to a French law that gives employees the right to ignore emails after their working day has ended) and 59% do so on holidays. The ubiquity of electronic communication has added to the pressure in the past 20 years and may also be a factor in decreased productivity. Think working from home would help? Mr. Pfeffer believes the growth of the gig economy may make matters worse. Freelance workers suffer higher levels of stress over their unreliable incomes and irregular hours. The new American business norms of 24/7 responses then copying everyone in an email chain, may instead show a lack of focus on the job at hand. Stress can push you to achieve higher levels only if it is balanced by stopping and destressing.

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