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The Breakpoint

“Companies crunch data and use artificial intelligence to determine exactly how angry a customer has to be to bolt. (Corporations call it the Breakpoint.) It’s not your imagination, Customer Service is lousy today,” reports the Wall Street Journal. Data now also tracks which customers are most profitable and worth the effort to please. Hate to broadcast the recipe for SelectLeaders Secret Sauce, but Customer Service is where clients learn our niche industry site is where to go to become more successful in your hiring, or your career. We pick up the phone, because clients morph. Candidates become Employers, and Employers become Candidates, so for us everyone is worth the effort to please. Lower salaried entry-level job seekers (“less profitable customers” in data speak) are stepping into their first executive roles three roles earlier and 10 years before previous generations. No Reputation Tracking software or New Business Concept can complete with what our customers say they like, don’t like and want. Think I’ll change the name from service to Customer Pipeline.

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