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The Comeback Kid

NMHC’s multifamily companies led us out of the Global Financial Crisis steadily and significantly posting job opportunities ahead of other Real Estate Fields, they were The Comeback Kid starting in 2010. Makes sense multifamily companies have constant feedback from users (complaints, requests, property management staff to make management aware of wants, desires and needs of the changing consumer). Now

The Comeback Kids are back with a Senior Housing disruption. Technology research firm Gartner Inc. reported, “While too much attention is being paid to the needs of millennials, too little or no attention is being paid to the needs of the elderly market.” Companies such as Brookdale are exploring the use of artificial intelligence, data analytics and voice assistants in improving care and quality of life for its residents. Brookdale President and Chief Executive Lucinda Baier called it a “silver wave” during a corporate earnings call this month. Baby boomers are “aging into senior housing,” a demographic shift that is poised to accelerate. And a great career opportunity for you multifamily candidates.

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