The Professionals’ Choice for Real Estate Jobs

The Deciders

The largest pipeline into careers in real estate start with the schools that offer a degree in real estate. A chilling reminder of the focus of today’s universities was written in the NYT by Judge Cabranes, Yale’s first general counsel, and a trustee of Yale, Columbia and Colgate universities, “Not so long ago, colleges were dedicated above all to serious reflection. Their purpose was to instruct students in methods and habits of free inquiry. It was equally clear what universities were not. They were not places to absorb and enforce “correct” answers to our unsettled social, cultural, moral or economic debates.” Today, the faculty plays almost no role in the admissions process at most universities. Instead, admissions “professionals” are focused on flashy virtues such as “activism,” “leadership” or “overcoming adversity.” Students now arrive on campus having been instructed to promote themselves as “social entrepreneurs” or “change makers”. With the problems our industry and we all face, is it time to again instill inquiry and serious reflection and to make the professors and faculty The Deciders?

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