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The End of Babies

Think it’s tough to find talent now? Wait until you read The New York Times: The End of Babies. “Around the world, fertility rates are falling … Has modern life become hostile to reproduction?” Would higher compensation or family-friendly work policies make a difference? Denmark, as one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, offers new parents 12 months paid family leave and highly subsidized day care. College is free. Inequality is low. Yet Denmark’s fertility rate is roughly on par with the U.S. The article suggests “around the world, economic, social and environmental conditions function as a barely perceptible contraceptive.” Whoa! I blame it on everyone meeting through dating sites, and fear job boards could be headed in the same direction. Before dating sites, people found the person they were inexplicably attracted to. Not the one that checked all the boxes. Will we wake up to a headline, The End of Jobs because everyone is in a job AI found is the “perfect match.” It looks great but it’s not the challenge that sparks unpredictable success.

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