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Think Small

Looking for a high paying opportunity? Think small. Joe Galvin, chief research officer of Vistage, an association of small-business owners and executives told the NYT, “small business employers were increasing pay, sweetening benefits packages and trying to create an appealing work culture to retain workers as well as attract new ones — including candidates not previously looking.” Overall, both wage growth and inflation have been low relative to U.S. history. Economists at Goldman Sachs recently studied which factors drive wage trends and identified “low productivity growth” as the main culprit behind the recent world-wide weakness in wage numbers. Output, per-hour-worked, grew at an average yearly rate of only 1.2 percent from 2009 through 2015, while it grew at an average yearly rate of 2.1 percent from 1960 through 2009. Recently, labor costs have begun to grow faster than revenue for some companies. Could costly technology actually be slowing us down? Or is it the temptation of a little Amazon side-shopping?

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