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Too Scared to Move

The veil has been lifted. Reports of a downturn, slowdown, some even anticipated a recession at the end of 2019 have given way to unabashed confidence and optimism. Mirroring the April Jobs Report, the Real Estate Industry is increasingly posting more opportunities in 2019. But the most impressive gain has come from our qualified Real Estate Candidates exploring new opportunities. Previously too scared of an imminent recession to move, the number of views our professional level jobs receive is shooting back up, now hovering around 1,000 per each opportunity. Applications are hovering around 50 per job on average. As the leaders of both political parties turn to Infrastructure planning, we can only imagine how Infrastructure development could attract more talent from related industries into Real Estate. Enough things can go wrong without misinformed pundits bringing down the veil on opportunities, no matter how high the ratings bad news can bring

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