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What makes a ‘Good Job’ Good?

“What makes a ‘good job’ good?” queried the front page of NYT Magazine. Attending a 15-year Harvard MBA reunion, the author was shocked to find his former classmates, “Wealthy, Successful and Miserable.” Some even felt they had wasted their life. It turns out the universal response shared by everyone from janitors to investment managers is a good job is when you feel you makes a difference. SHRM, HR Professional Association’s recent “Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey” found even in a world that idolizes disruption, engagement and satisfaction comes from a job where employees trust what they do is valued. Their value is demonstrated by compensation, benefits and a feeling of job security. “Meaning in work” is a reason people give for staying but is not what caused people to leave. Makes sense, when you are valued for doing a good job that is what makes a good job good.

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