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Why Move?

Employers who have not tweaked their Job Posting for 2020 are missing qualified talent. In 2020, candidates expect to see a compensation range. Our talent knows how to negotiate so you won’t miss applications by putting in a compensation range. Why do our real estate professionals move? According to our CRE Hiring Survey, 70% of our respondents expect higher compensation in 2020 and 38% say they would relocate for higher compensation. But compensation is not the only trigger, 32% of our survey would move for growth opportunities. The laundry list of what the hire must do is being usurped by what the company will do for them in this tight hiring environment. Leadership training and growth opportunities should be front and center in today’s job postings. CRE professionals want to hear about the importance of the position to the company and if their voice will be heard. 51% of our survey would relocate. If your company is open to relocation put it in your posting because when one relocates, they are even more anxious to make the new position work.

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