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Write One

Some employers tell us they screen applications that include a cover letter first to gauge an applicant’s ability to write and communicate, skills, surprisingly, many top college graduates lack. They also look for indications of cultural fit. When AI takes over, it will only get tougher. If Twitter destroys people’s ability to communicate, AI will require it as an easy way to assess interpersonal skillsets. Hunt Scanlon Media anticipates 80 percent of the tasks recruiters perform today will be automated. A double threat exists for HR recruiters as jobs are lost to automation, especially in some industries. According to Citigroup, 30 percent of financial and banking sector jobs could be eliminated by 2025. Today, many firms will still hire you without a cover letter, but use the practice to hone your writing skills so you stand out in the coming computer scans, and more importantly, can clearly communicate what makes you human, the one differentiator AI will never replace.

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