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Flipping Hamburgers No More

After the “great recession” common wisdom was that college graduates were going to be relegated to flipping hamburgers in coffee shops because jobs were just not available and the future looked grim. Well the tide has finally turned. The most recent data signals a recovery of employment for freshly minted undergraduates. According to statistics recently published in the New York Times, Bachelor’s degree holders earned a median $43,000 last year, an increase of more than $3,000 from the year before. That was the highest since 2003, reflecting that the job market for graduates has nearly recovered to the best years on record. Incomes are rising even faster for college students in the best majors. The top 25% of young college graduates earn at least $60,000 a year. The other healthy indicator is that unemployment for the young pups has fallen from 7% in 2010 to just 4.9% in September. That compares to a 5.3% jobless rate for all workers in the US economy and an unemployment rate of 10% for young workers without a bachelor’s degree. All in all the landscape looks pretty good. I am not sure how this translates to the availability of internships for college students, but I reckon that summer intern employment is also showing a healthy recovery.

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